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Terms & Conditions

Controlling terms

Below are the Terms and Conditions which govern your use of (“the Site”).  The Site is operated by Backstores LLC, a registered company in UAE. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions in relation to your use of the Site.  If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, please do not access, register or use this Site.  You must read, agree and accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before you use our Site.
Only customers 18 years of age and above are eligible as users of’s e-commerce service.  If you are under 18 years of age, then you must obtain your parent or guardian’s consent before accessing and using the Site. reserves the right to limit or withdraw access to the Site if it believes that a person is under the age of 18 years. 


You are given the option to complete the customer registration process through the Site before placing an order for products through the Site.  Any personal information that you provide will be held and used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

If you do not complete the customer registration process through the Site before placing an order then you will not be able to use the tracking facilities or take advantage of the full range of services available on the Site. 

Payment Methods

Payment can be made in cash upon delivery or online on the Site at the time of placing the order in UAE dirhams (AED). We accept the following credit cards:

  1. Visa Credit Card and Visa Debit Card; and
  2. MasterCard Credit Card and MasterCard Debit. 


Unless otherwise indicated on the face of the invoice, all prices are quoted on a per pound basis. Buyer is responsible for any tax or government charges imposed upon the sale or transfer of the Product. Buyer shall not have any right to set off any amounts due hereunder against any amounts which may become payable to Seller under any other agreement.


  • reserves the right to withhold the delivery of any products to you for any reason whatsoever. You will not be charged for products that have been withheld until those products are either picked up by you (if we permit) or alternative delivery arrangements are made.
  • “Delivery Point" means an outside area of the premises at the address specified by you on your order, such as your front door. If the premises are a multi-level building, the Delivery Point shall be located on the ground floor of such building. 
  • Deliveries will be made to the Delivery Point. If the delivery person brings the products inside the premises, beyond the Delivery Point, at the request of you, or other person accepting delivery of the products on your behalf we will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss (including in negligence) suffered by you or any third party in doing so. In addition, you indemnify for any direct or indirect damage or loss (including in negligence) that that we or our delivery person incurs, as a result the actions or inaction of you, or any other person accepting delivery of the products on your behalf, which results in any third party claim arising out of or in connection with any deliveries brought beyond the Delivery Point.

Incorrectly or undelivered products

If any product delivered does not correspond with a product ordered, you may:

  1. keep the incorrectly-delivered product, in which case no adjustment will be made to the payment due from you for the order containing the incorrect product; or
  2. reject the incorrectly-delivered product, in which case we will, at your request, either replace that product with the product that was originally ordered, or refund the value of the product that was originally ordered (as at the date on which the product was ordered).If you choose to reject an incorrectly-delivered product, we reserve the right to collect the incorrectly-delivered product from you. If you are unable, or refuse, to deliver up the product when requested, we reserve the right to charge you for that product.

If you have been charged for a product that has not been delivered, if the product is in stock, we will, at your request, re-deliver that product at no extra charge. Alternatively, you may cancel the order of such product (or if the product is out of stock we may cancel the order for that product) (in each case without incurring any cancellation fee), and we will refund the value of the relevant product (as at the date on which the product was ordered).

Cancellation or modification

Any order placed with and accepted by Seller may be canceled by Buyer only upon Seller’s approval in a writing signed by an officer of Seller and upon terms that indemnify Seller against any loss. Seller will not accept order cancellations once a product has been delivered to a carrier, without charging a cancellation fee of twenty-five percent (25%) of order value to recover retrieval costs incurred. Seller will not accept cancellations of special orders of non-standard, non-price list products. Seller may cancel all or any part of this order and discontinue its performance hereunder without liability to Buyer in the event Buyer materially breaches this contract, becomes insolvent, is the subject to bankruptcy protection, or is the subject of a receivership, liquidation, dissolution or similar proceeding.

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

  • Effective 1 January 2018, VAT is charged at 5% on orders sold and shipped by within the UAE.
  • The advertised prices for products displayed at are exclusive of any VAT.
  • We will display VAT separately once your product is added to the cart and on checkout.

Warranty and disclaimer

Seller warrants that the purchased Product is free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of delivery. If an analysis is stated on the face of the Invoice, it is not intended to be a complete analysis and is not to be regarded as a specification or warranty, unless specifically stated in writing to be such.

Limitation of liability

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that seller’s liability for any claims with respect to the products shall not exceed the amount paid by buyer for the products under the invoice. Such limitations on seller’s liability hereunder shall apply even if seller’s liability is due in whole or in part to its own negligence. Any action by or on behalf of Buyer or its successors or assigns for breach of this document must be commenced within one (1) year after the cause of action as accrued.

Return Policy:

  1. Only Dry Goods that have not been opened/tampered with/expired/damaged are returnable within 7 calendar days (“Valid Returns”).
  2. If you requesting a refund due to the products being defective we will schedule a time of delivery of the products and collect them.
  3. For Valid Returns, customers will be refunded the full amount of the products either via cash or credit card in the original mode of payment;
  4. Original receipts must be presented;
  5. Delivery fees in relation to the products are non-refundable unless the products are defective. 

Limitation of Liability 

Except where prohibited by law,, its officers, employees and suppliers will not be liable to you for any loss, damage, liabilities or claims and expenses that you may suffer due to your use of the Site, its services or these Terms and Conditions. You use the Site at your own risk. does not warrant or guarantee:

  1. the accuracy or completeness of any information available on the Site;
  2. that access to the Site will be uninterrupted or error free;
  3. that any defects will be corrected immediately; or
  4. that the Site will be free from viruses or other contamination.

In addition,

  • does not provide health and medical advice whatsoever when describing a product, providing usage tips, nutrition benefits or cooking recipes. You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.
  • All information published on this website are not designed to cure or heal any illness or disease, nor are they intended to substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
  • If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.
  • Before beginning any practice related to health, diet or exercise, always consult with your doctor or medical consultant or nutritionist should you need information about any of the products displayed on our site and its effect on your health or your diet.

    Amendments & Cancellations  

    1. Order changes will only be accommodated before order/ payment is processed.
    2. You will only be able to cancel an order before the delivery is scheduled.
    3. Orders cancelled after scheduling a delivery will be charged in full.

    Use of the Site and Social Media requires you to respect fellow community members on the Site and our social media pages. While using the Site or any of our social media pages, you must not:

    1. post comments or content that is abusive, offensive, defamatory or obscene;
    2. post information which may be considered culturally or religiously offensive;
    3. post any advertising material or promotional material;
    4. interfere or disrupt networks or websites connected to the Site;
    5. violate any intellectual property right, law or regulation.